Exodus is growing! We welcome Scott Hartwig, ABG’s VP for NASA programs, to our board of directors.

Scott Hartwig

VP for NASA programs with American Biomedical Group Inc.

Scott is currently the VP for NASA programs with American Biomedical Group Inc. an advanced technology R&D and manufacturing firm headquartered in Oklahoma City, with offices in the Dallas area. He is also involved with two start-ups. He is President and COO of Star Harbor Space Training Academy in Mountain View, CA., and is a Founding Member and COO of Global Solution Technologies in Denver.

Scott is the former President and CEO of United Space Alliance (USA), a joint venture between Boeingand Lockheed Martin that was responsible for NASA’s Space Shuttle and Station program operations. Other USA roles he has held include Vice-President for Texas, Alabama, and Florida Operations; VP, Mission Operations at the Johnson Space Center; Associate Program Manager, Space Shuttle Flight Operations; Program Managerof the International Space Station; Director, NASA Space Shuttle and Space Station Astronaut Training; and Manager of USA Space Shuttle Flight Design Integration.

Hartwig is also a veteran of both the USAir Force (enlisted) and the US Navy (commissioned). He holds an FAA Commercial Pilot license, with Ground Instructor, Flight Instructor (CFI), and Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) ratings.

Hartwig is a graduate of Arizona State University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Industrial Technology.