Interview with Frank Trevino – CMO Exodus Space

with Talk with the Top: Colorado

“Bringing together space and artificial intelligence.”  Two hot industries today, especially in Colorado with space at the forefront of the Colorado economy.   This is the goal of Frank Trevino, CMO Exodus Space and also Partner | AI Strategy with Tinman Kinetics.  Exodus Space is working on the next generation spaceplane.  A two-stage horizontal launch and lander capable of taking off and landing at any spaceport in the world.  Initially to take cargo and payload into low earth orbit (LEO) with the next steps to build a human rated version to carry people not only into space but also serve as an intercontinental spaceplane to carry people anywhere around the world in less than an hour.  Together with Tinman Kinetics, the goal is to create a spaceplane that is self-diagnosing, self-healing and self-orchestrating through the use of artificial intelligence to drive the space economy.

In this interview with Frank Trevino, Frank shares his journey, where Exodus Space is today, what the future holds for space, and his thoughts on AI.