Exodus Space – Small Business Spotlight

Colorado Space Business Roundtable

Exodus Space was recently showcased in the June 21, 2019 edition of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable as part of the small business spotlight.  The Colorado Space Business Roundtable is a non-profit established to promote the growth of space and space-related industries in the state of Colorado.

“It is a privilege to be selected as part of the the Colorado Space Business Roundtable – Small Business Spotlight and to represent the many startups here in the state of Colorado, as we all help build the space economy.”  says Frank Trevino, CMO Exodus Space Corp.

Exodus Space believes space transportation will be defined by fully reusable and efficient, AI-driven horizontal takeoff and landing spaceplanes. Utilizing our patented designs and forward thinking in multipurpose launch vehicles, our goal is to transform how we access space.

Exodus Space CSBR Link

Come visit Exodus Space at the Colorado Venture Summit, June 26 in Denver, Colorado.