Exodus Space Selected to Speak at SpaceCom 2019

November 20-21 in Houston, Texas

Exodus Space is selected to speak at SpaceCom 2019 on November 20-21 in Houston, Texas.  Exodus Space will take the stage on two separate occasions to share their insight and experience with others in the space industry.  CEO, Miguel Ayala will discuss the latest trends in space launchers while CMO, Frank Trevino will share his insight on artificial intelligence in the space industry.

Exodus Space is excited to share its vision to make space efficient, affordable, sustainable and safe with its new AstroClipper family of spaceplanes designed for horizontal take-off and landing from spaceports around the world.  From cargo payload transport, satellite launch, debris collection, lunar transfer, crew transport and intercontinental trips, the AstroClipper offers innovative aerodynamic in-line staging, fuel-efficient supersonic engines, advanced lightweight materials and embedded artificial intelligence technologies.