Exodus Space selected to pitch at the Innovation and Opportunity Conference

Aurora, CO USA, November 14, 2019

Exodus Space will pitch its Exodus Space AstroClipper during the Innovation and Opportunities Conference in Aurora later this month on November 14-15.  Now in its second year, the Advancing Aerospace & Defense (IOC) brings together NASA and other government agency experts, small businesses, startups, research institutions and large businesses/prime contractors for a technology and commercialization event.

Exodus Space CEO, Miguel Ayala is excited to share with key player in the space industry about our fully reusable two stage to orbit horizontal take-off and landing spaceplane.  We believe a change in needed in the space launcher market to bring down the costs to access space to address global challenges.

As well as pitching at the Innovation and Opportunities Conference, Exodus Space will also pitch at the SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit on November 20-22 in Houston, Texas.

Exodus Space believes space transportation is defined by fully reusable and efficient, AI-driven horizontal takeoff and landing spaceplanes. Utilizing our patented designs and forward thinking in multipurpose launch vehicles, our goal is to transform how we access space to benefit all humanity.