CMO Frank Trevino Joins the Panel at Colorado Air and Space Port Summer Showcase

July 30, 2019 Denver Colorado

CMO Frank Trevino joins the panel at the Colorado Air and Space Port Summer Showcase to discuss Value and Colorado Impact on Space.   During the discussion, Frank was asked to describe the impact a fully reusable, 2 stage to orbit, horizontal take-off and horizontal landing spaceplane would have on commercial space.

The greatest challenge is cost when going into space.  If we can reduce that cost, then the more opportunities we have to go into space as an industry.  This will drive growth and expand our space economy and in the end, all of us in the space industry wins. – CMO Frank Trevino

Following the panel discussion, Frank Trevino and CEO, Miguel Ayala met with fellow spaceplane developers – PD Aerospace from Japan to collaborate how best to drive the spaceplane market in the future.

Exodus Space is excited to share its vision to make space efficient, affordable, sustainable and safe with its new AstroClipper family of spaceplanes designed for horizontal take-off and landing from spaceports around the world.  From cargo payload transport, satellite launch, debris collection, lunar transfer, crew transport and intercontinental trips, the AstroClipper offers innovative aerodynamic in-line staging, fuel-efficient supersonic engines, advanced lightweight materials and embedded artificial intelligence technologies.