Exodus Space AstroClipper

Exodus Space attending 35th Space Symposium

April 8-11, Colorado Springs, CO

The Exodus Space team will participate at the week-long 35th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.  Known as the premier global space event, the Space Symposium represent all sectors of the space community from multiple spacefaring nations: space agencies; commercial space businesses, think tanks, space entrepreneurs, etc.

Exodus Space is excited to share its vision to make space efficient, affordable, sustainable and safe with its new AstroClipper family of spaceplanes designed for horizontal take-off and landing from spaceports around the world.  From cargo payload transport, satellite launch, debris collection, lunar transfer, crew transport and intercontinental trips, the AstroClipper offers innovative aerodynamic in-line staging, fuel-efficient supersonic engines, advanced lightweight materials and embedded artificial intelligence technologies.

“With our fully reusable spaceplane and ability to launch anytime, anywhere and offer diverse missions with routine operations, we are the true enabler of a sustainable marketplace in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and beyond” – Miguel Ayala, CEO Exodus Space

Exodus Space will engage in numerous activities during the event from participating at the NASA iTech Ignite the Night program, in-depth discussions on the future of spaceplanes, to key meetings with strategic partners, customers and investors.