Exodus Space attends New York Venture Summit 2019

July 9-10

CEO Miguel Ayala of Exodus Space is participating in the New York Venture Summit this week to reach out to potential technology investors on July 9-10 in the heart of New York City.

We are at a pivoting point with investors from the technology industry taking notice of what is happening in the space industry, explains Miguel Ayala.

The space industry will be worth nearly $3 trillion in 30 years, Bank of America predicts. Bank of America Merrill Lynch sees the space industry growing to $2.7 trillion in 30 years. The firm’s expectation is nearly triple Morgan Stanley’s estimate of $1.1 trillion by 2040.

Exodus Space is excited to share its vision to make space efficient, affordable, sustainable and safe with its new AstroClipper family of spaceplanes designed for horizontal take-off and landing from spaceports around the world.  From cargo payload transport, satellite launch, debris collection, lunar transfer, crew transport and intercontinental trips, the AstroClipper offers innovative aerodynamic in-line staging, fuel-efficient supersonic engines, advanced lightweight materials and embedded artificial intelligence technologies.