Exodus Space CMO Frank Trevino speaks at the Content Marketing Summit

Seoul, South Korea July 4-5

The Content Marketing Summit kicked off at the Seoul Dragon City facility in Seoul, South Korea on July 4-5 with over 1,000 people in attendance.  Exodus Space CMO Frank Trevino spoke to an energetic audience of digital marketers on the Immersive Experience with AI and 5G and what we might expect content to look like in the future.

It starts with Experiential Marketing.  How do we create content to let our audience experience the brand, stated Frank Trevino.

Mr Trevino highlighted the impact of AI and 5G technologies on content and the importance of understanding its connectedness.  With virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality leading the next evolution of content, it is important for marketers to really understand the value this technology brings to engage and invite customers into the brand versus the traditional passive media approaches.  He added the need to understand the multi-sensory approach to marketing to truly engaged your audience through sight, sound, smell, feel and taste, especially with the emergence of virtual reality worlds in the future.

Frank Trevino is a frequent international speaker on AI and space related topics and serves as the CMO of Exodus Space which includes AI strategy development.

Exodus Space is excited to share its vision to make space efficient, affordable, sustainable and safe with its new AstroClipper family of spaceplanes designed for horizontal take-off and landing from spaceports around the world.  From cargo payload transport, satellite launch, debris collection, lunar transfer, crew transport and intercontinental trips, the AstroClipper offers innovative aerodynamic in-line staging, fuel-efficient supersonic engines, advanced lightweight materials and embedded artificial intelligence technologies.