“The biggest cost is going into space.  If we can reduce that cost, then the more opportunities we have to go into space as an industry.  This will drive growth and expand our space economy and in the end, all of us in the space industry wins” – CMO Frank Trevino

Upcoming Events

Denver Start Up Week

Friday, September 20. 8:AM-9:30 AM

Galvanize (Platte-Classroom Space)
1644 Platte St., Lower Level, Classroom #1

Exodus Space CEO Miguel Ayala joins the panel to discuss the Nuts and Bolts of an Aerospace Startup

Digital Transformation World Asia

November 12-14, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Exodus Space CMO Frank Trevino speaks on artificial intelligence and its impact on Change Management


November 20-21, Houston, Texas USA

Exodus Space CEO, Miguel Ayala speaks on the impact of small space launchers.

CMO Frank Trevino speaks on artificial intelligence and robotics in the space industry

Exodus Space believes space transportation is defined by fully reusable and efficient, AI-driven horizontal takeoff and landing spaceplanes. Utilizing our patented designs and forward thinking in multipurpose launch vehicles, our goal is to transform how we access space.